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How To Convert VTT to SRT?

  1. Upload a VTT file

    Select the .vtt subtitle file you'd like to convert to .srt.

  2. Select the format to convert to

    Select SubRip (.srt) as the output file format (or choose any other format).

  3. Convert

    Click the Convert VTT button to submit your .vtt file to our caption converter.

    Ebby's caption convertor will automatically convert your .vtt subtitle file to .srt.

    Once the conversion is completed, the .srt file will be automatically downloaded to your browser.

    Convert VTT to SRT Online
    Convert your WebVTT (.vtt) caption documents to SubRip (.srt) rapidly and effectively with Ebby's free web-based VTT caption converter.
    Don't bother downloading and introducing any outsider programming on your PC - all in your program and it deals with Windows, Mac (Apple), Linux and any cell phone. Essentially transfer your WebVTT document and hit the Convert VTT button.

    This VTT converter can

    Convert .vtt to .srt
    Convert .vtt to .ass
    Convert .vtt to .txt
    Convert .vtt to .docx
    Convert .vtt to .pdf
    Convert .vtt to .html

    What is a VTT document

    About Web Video Text Tracks Format (WebVTT)
    WebVTT is the W3C standard for showing planned text tracks (captions or subtitles) in internet browsers. In particular, inside the <video> tag.
    The greater part of its elements are upheld by every one of the significant programs, by utilizing the <track> HTML tag.

    One of the primary benefits of WebVTT is its help for styling:
    Text can be styled either by involving organizing labels, for example, <b>, <i>, and <u>. Or on the other hand by utilizing CSS identifiers inside the WebVTT record.
    WebVTT additionally upholds karaoke-like impacts and signal situating.

    Instructions to Open a VTT File
    WebVTT is a text based design, and depended on the SubRip (.srt) design - at first called WebSRT and was subsequently renamed to WebVTT.
    Since VTT documents are plain text records, you can see, alter and open VTT records with any word processor (like Notepad or TextEdit).

    Note that WebVTT records should be encoded utilizing UTF-8, so assuming you alter it, ensure your word processor is designed to utilize UTF-8.

    About Converting .vtt to .srt
    The WebVTT design has a more arrive at detail, elements and capacities than SubRip.
    Some usefulness or styling might be lost when .vtt is switched over completely to .srt, which is a more essential configuration, and doesn't uphold some high level presentation highlights.

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