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HTML to PDF Converter library for .NET and .NET Core can be effortlessly coordinated into a .NET application and .NET Core application, either ASP.NET sites, Windows Forms and WPF applications or Windows Azure Cloud administrations to change over URLs, HTML strings and streams, SVG vector illustrations to a PDF record, raster picture or SVG vector picture. You can involve the converter as a universally useful device for changing over site pages and HTML code to PDF records and pictures or you can involve it as an integral asset to quickly make well designed and effectively viable PDF reports straightforwardly from existing HTML reports.

The HTML to PDF Converter for .NET The library doesn't depend on outside devices or administrations and doesn't need establishment or server arrangement changes, supporting straightforward duplicate sending. A similar get together works both in 32-bit and 64-bit conditions. The library is viable with .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0 Framework and later and with .NET Core 2.1, .NET Core 3.0 and later runtimes.

The converter offers full help for HTML labels, CSS styles, SVG vector designs, page breaks control with CSS styles, naturally rehashed HTML table header on each PDF page, live URLs and inner connections in PDF, consequently produced bookmarks, HTML in the headers and footers, Unicode and right to left message, PDF consolidation, split and alter.

The library was planned and tried to work dependably in multithreaded conditions and to totally deliver every one of the assets utilized during transformation after every change. This makes it reasonable for utilization in high rush hour gridlock ASP.NET sites and administrations running a significant stretch of time without interference.

The item chronicle that you can download from our site contains the item parallels, documentation and a broad arrangement of tests for ASP.NET, Windows Forms and Windows Azure Cloud both in C# and VB.NET.

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