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What is Javascript Deobfuscation?

Deobfuscation is the converse course of confusion, that is to say, the interpretation of code from a hard-to-add structure to a justifiable one.

Since there are numerous muddling techniques, deobfuscation strategies and devices are likewise numerous and they have various abilities and shifting levels of viability.

Deobfuscation is required both in the examination of pernicious code and in the investigation of the objective site to figure out the rationale of its activity and quest for weaknesses

 Universal deobfuscator of JavaScript code de4js

de4js is a JavaScript source code deobfuscator and unpacker.

It supports (de-obfuscates) the result of the following tools, services, methods:

  • Eval, used for example in Packer, WiseLoop
  • Array, used for example in Javascript Obfuscator, Free JS Obfuscator
  • _Number
  • Packer
  • Javascript Obfuscator
  • Free JS Obfuscator
  • Obfuscator.IO (but does not always work, as this service is frequently updated, which requires updating the deobfuscator)
  • My Obfuscate
  • Кодирование URL, used for example in bookmarklet
  • JSFuck
  • JJencode
  • AAencode
  • WiseLoop

Information about installation and launch can be found on the program page.

de4js runs as a small server to which you can connect with a web browser. That is, the program has a web interface.

Go to the folder with the program:

cd bin/de4js

Start the server:

npm start

In a web browser open the address .

In the web interface, select one of the following methods for entering obfuscated source code:

  • String – insert code into the web interface window
  • Local File – select a local file on the computer
  • Remote File – specify the URL address of a remote file

    • None
    • Eval
    • Array
    • Obfuscator IO
    • _Number
    • JSFuck
    • JJencode
    • AAencode
    • URLencode
    • Packer
    • JS Obfuscator
    • My Obfuscate
    • Wise Eval
    • Wise Function
    • Clean Source
    • Unreadable

    Alternatively, you can click the “Auto Decode” button for de4js to automatically detect the obfuscation method. The deobfuscated code will be shown in the window below.

    Additional options that you can turn on or off:

    • Line numbers – show line numbers
    • Format Code – code formatting and syntax highlighting
    • Unescape strings – convert strings from escaped sequences to normal form
    • Recover object-path – restore object-path
    • Execute expression – perform arithmetic and other operations on expressions
    • Merge strings - concatenate strings
    • Remove grouping

    de4js online

    4. JavaScript online deobfuscator

    Service Address..

    The source code of this service is not hosted on GitHub, but this product is also open source, since all operations are performed in the browser, and the deobfuscation functions are located in the file

    The code analyzed by this tool will be executed in your browser. This tool is designed only to intercept calls made by the eval() and write() functions, which are commonly used as the final function in malicious JavaScript scripts. Some malicious scripts may not use these features and therefore may infect your browser.

    . Deobfuscation Obfuscator.IO

    The author of the Obfuscator.IO website is looking for programs that are able to deobfuscate the code created on this service and constantly changes, fixes obfuscation, as a result of which the deobfuscation tools stop working. Therefore, automatic deobfuscation tools (including de4js) usually lag behind the most recent version, that is, they can deobfuscate the code created earlier on Obfuscator.IO, but cannot deobfuscate the latest version of the code. But this does not mean that this is a reliable tool to secure your source code – projects regularly appear that bypass all deobfuscation methods. In addition, custom-made specialists can deobfuscate any code.

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